Simplify your freight operations

With Tennders, you can simplify your logistical operations, saving you time and money.

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The one-stop-shop solution for your freight needs

From negotiating a load to the moment of invoicing, with Tennders, you will have a management tool that allows you to improve processes and optimize your transport.

Freight Management

A dashboard where you will have all your transport organized in one place, so you always have visibility of your business.

Quality Control

Control your operations, avoid errors, and mitigate risks with a standardized monitoring system for road freight transport.

Automated Reports

Reporting and transaction history export with the required filters in Excel format, so you can track all your metrics.

Document Generation

From order to invoice, generating a document is quick and easy.

Robust Security

With our encryption and security systems, your data is always protected.

Negotiations Made Simple

Trading has always been challenging. Now, you can change it with access to your network in one place. You have all your cargo information centralized.

We simplify the way you control your road freight operations

A comprehensive end-to-end system that allows you to control your operations better. Along with other solutions, such as access to our freight network and a team that can help you if your partners can't get it right.

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Freight Network

Access our European road freight network at no additional cost.

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Digital Freight Forwarder

Access an expert team who will help you with your transport whenever needed

The Freight Network

Our transport network allows you to find business whenever you need it. Access new shippers or carriers and open up endless capacity options.