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Tennders is the digital ecosystem for the integrated management of road freight transport

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Freight Management system

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Seamlessly Integrate Capacity and Efficiency: A Digital Ecosystem for Modern Logistics

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Trusted Network and Capacity

Struggling with limited network and transport capacity? Tennders provides a private ecosystem, linking companies across Europe. Our intelligent solutions optimises operations, eliminate unnecessary Kms, and enables you to expand your network.

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Robust System Security

Protecting your information is our priority. By employing advanced encryption and rigorous access controls your data is protected at all times. Ensuring a secure and reliable environment for your company.

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Revolutionize Negotiations

With our specialized tools, negotiation becomes a streamlined process. Our system facilitates digital negotiation with suppliers, allowing you to secure advantageous agreements quickly and efficiently.


Power-up your business at every operational stage

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Find capacity with reliable partners

Digital hub for your freight needs with reliable partners. We quote urgent services and complicated lines for you.

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Digitise road transport procurement

Connect with your private suppliers and find reliable ones. Negotiate your prices in a simple and intuitive way with all.

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Optimises the tracking of operations

Assigns, updates and notifies on each load with a few clicks. Calculates the CO2 emissions and empty KM.

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Digitise the invoicing of your services

Create all types of invoices and track CMR deliveries in real time. Gain visibility of invoicing status and company cash flow.

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Monitoring team performance

Performance analysis to maintain a coordinated and aligned team. Control internal KPIs and export data has never been easier.

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Measures CO2e emissions generated

Know the CO2e emissions generated by each load to help you understand and mitigate the environmental impact of your operations.

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Communicate transparently

Connect, access and communicate with all parties to streamline management and achieve better results.

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Building a better way to handle road freight procurement with Tennders

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Trusted capacity groups

Consolidate and optimize your transport procurement processes. Unite your trusted partners and discover new suppliers and shippers all on one integrated platform. You gain unparalleled oversight and control over every interaction ensuring flexibility and adaptability for your private network.

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Fast Document Generation

All information centralized to improve the creation, exchange and compliance of transport orders and documents. Unify information, reduce management time and create efficient decision-making processes. Tennders' design makes it very easy.

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Extra secure

Run your business with total efficiency and security. Maximize operational results with performance insights and manage confidently with robust security controls. Our admin panel provides an all-in-one tool to monitor, assign roles, and ensure data integrity.

Designed to help all your teams and fit their needs

Discover what better work planning, more profitable operations and happier teams look like

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Operations Boards

Easy-to-use technology streamlines operations. You can negotiate with the carrier or shipper and reach an agreement for final price. Full visibility for efficient management with an intentionally intuitive design.

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Financial Module

Your finance team can accurately control the company's cash flow. Easily create all types of invoices, define and manage unpaid invoices, and filter document transactions to find them faster and easier.

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Tracking tools

Active operations tracking tools with columnar information on route details. Your team can easily control orders with a single click without suffering from unplanned execution.


Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions we answer most available for you!

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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do offer a free trial! For more information, please go to Get Started and fill the form and our team will be in touch.

How do I create an account?

To create an account, you are already at the right place. Just click on the "Get Started" button and send us your data. We are currently limiting the amount of susbcriptions we are accepting, so please fill the form and our team will contact you a soon as posible.

Do you offer team accounts?

Yes, we do offer team accounts! The key to success with Tennders is integration. By unifying the different operations of your procurement, tracking and invoicing teams, your different transport partners, in short, all your logistics management, you create a single space for them to carry out all negotiations and transactions. Everyone enjoys a different level of operational visibility. If someone new joins the team or someone is absent, you can simply log into the platform to keep track of the management and operations of your staff member. When it's time to start a new partnership, invite them to join and manage their user easily.

How can Tennders help my business grow?

Tennders is a new way to manage your transport procurement for your freight needs. Reduce calls and WhatsApp with a faster, better organised and more secure solution. Instead of loose chains of emails, all your operations are centralised in one easy-to-use tool that's simple to join and comfortable for your teams and partners to work in. When there's a centralised space for everything that goes on in your transport business, everyone knows exactly where to go to get the job done.

Is Tennders a freight exchange?

Tennders is much more than a freight exchange. Tennders is the SaaS for the integrated management of road freight transport. With our Freight Management System, we can connect you to your own partners or have you find many more. But we also simplify tasks and optimise processes at every stage, from negotiation and monitoring to shipment invoicing. In addition to the tools your teams need, we provide you with our B2B Freight Network to offer you transport capacity on the main European routes.

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

Tennders is fully GDPR and privacy compliant. You can work and manage your transport contracts securely within our platform, as well as with the service of our expert agents. Our system has different methods to protect your information and files. Tennders offers security for your company and your partners at every layer of its software, to meet privacy and security requirements.